Demo fleroperationsmaskin från Haas, årsmodell 2022.

Maskintyp: Fleroperationsmaskin
Fabrikat: Haas
Maskinnr: 822071
Typ/storlek: UMC-750SS
Tillv. år: 2022
Tillverkningsnr: 1185682

Teknisk data
CT-Style Tool Changer Grippers Included
12,000-rpm Spindle Included
CNC Control Cabinet Cooler Included
Dynamic Work Offsets and Tool Center Point Control Included
Early Power-Failure Detection Module Included
Ethernet Interface Included
HaasConnect: Remote monitoring Included
HaasDrop Included
Second Home Position Included
High-Speed Machining Included
Media Display M-Code; M130 Included
Large Remote Jog Handle with Touchscreen Display Included
Rotary Scales Included
Rigid Tapping Included
Safe Run Included
1-Year Standard Warranty Included
Top Cover for UMC Series Included
Control Touch Screen Included
Variable Flow Coolant Included
WiFi Connection for the Haas Control Included
Wireless Intuitive Probing System Included
Machine Anchoring Kit
Belt-Type Chip Conveyor UMC
Enclosure Exhaust System
Programmable Coolant Nozzle
*Through-Tool Air Blast
*High-Speed 50+1 Side-Mount Tool Changer
*Through-Spindle Coolant
95-Gallon Coolant Tank
*64 GB Expanded Memory
M-Code/MFIN Cable Assembly
Air Vise Ready Provision
Auxiliary Coolant Filter
Chip Tray Filter Kit



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